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Learn About Cervipedic

Relieve Neck Tension & Stiffness with Natural Support

The best selling new chiropractic product by leading health care professionals because
it's comfortable, it's portable, versatile... and it simply works!

How to Use The Neck-Relief While Reclining:

Gently stretches the neck as the body starts to relax thereby relieving tension in the cervical muscles and joints. Helps relieve tension headaches, muscle fatigue, neck stiffness,
neck pain and neck spasms.
Supports proper curvature of the cervical spine and creates optimal spacing of its intervertebral discs. Only takes minutes a day!

Use it Anywhere you can Recline

CerviPedic Neck-Relief

Use the CerviPedic Neck-Relief anywhere you can recline. This can
be at home, in the car, by the pool or when you travel.

The CerviPedic Neck-Relief is organically shaped to naturally cradle your head and neck.

It supports your head securely so it doesn't roll from side to side
while you are trying to rest. It stays in place as your body starts
to relax gently stretching your neck thereby relieving tension in
the joints and muscles in your neck.

CerviPedic Neck-Relief

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